“Don’t Be Afraid to Step into Your Imagination”


Of the top two-hundred-trillion wonderfully important things my professor Aftab Omer said to me over my four year stint as a graduate student in psychology were those nine valuable words. In fact, they were the last nine words he spoke to me as I along with my cohort disembarked from our studies to enter a world where our education could be put to test. Obviously, I remember quite a few transformative moments from my years at Meridian University, but that imperative statement has been the one with the most relevance since finishing my class course work in 2006. It not only sustained me through my dissertation process, but has informed every area in my life since.

Over the past decade I have purposely put those words to the test. I’ve started a lucrative business, resuscitated my theatrical acting and directing careers, and written and published two books about what it is I do in regard to my coaching business. In addition, I have written seven novels, two of which my publisher assures me will be available for purchase within the next few months. I’m not sharing this because I wish to boast but rather drive the point home which is: prior to hearing those nine little words I never would’ve believed that I could realize the many deep desires of my heart.

In many ways the imagination is soul talk. It is the vehicle by which one can not only get in touch with their life’s purpose but gain direction as well. The imagination for me is the springboard to creative action—taking those steps toward actualizing the dreams and wished for my life. It’s also the still small voice which keeps me connected to Infinite Spirit—the guiding force of my blessed life.

Fear belittles the imagination and turns it upside down. Instead of moving forward, it causes one to retreat and fall back. Fear continually chants NO; the imagination insists on YES. Fear causes the imagination to produce pictures of doom and gloom. Yet, the imagination is one’s best and sometimes only Friend as one lives out the promises of their life’s calling.

I know for a fact that it takes no courage at all to live in a state of fear, and that it takes indescribable bravery to launch oneself into the unknown, yet this is what the imagination demands. Likewise, courage is one of the many gifts of the imagination. It’s the energy drink of the soul.


Gwen Overland