Here We Go Again!

new begin1.jpg

I admit it.

I fall victim each January 1st to making new life style resolutions and then by the third week usually going back to my old routines. But for those few short weeks I find myself relishing the idea that I can start fresh once again with building and maintaining my newest and most exciting dreams and desires for my personal life and career. In spite of grey skies and cold weather, I find renewed energy to learn a new recipe, buy an airline ticket to an undiscovered place, write another book, try another diet, and select another musician’s album to do my morning workout with.


There’s a lot to be said for a clean slate. I love to go through my closets and cupboards this time of year and de-clutter, diminish, and destroy all the “stuff” that has accumulated over the previous year. If I’m feeling super ambitious, I might even get a jump on my Income Tax. I suppose there’s always the worry that I’ll throw out something I may need later, but one thing is certain. I’d rather pine over the one thing I gave up rather than over the two dozen things I’ve unnecessarily kept.

The whole idea of simplifying my life appeals to me, especially now that my husband and I are empty nesters. Do I still need a dozen used soccer cleats? No. Three dozen partially used house paint cans? No. Hanger upon hanger of clothes items that fit me when I was 20? No, no, and no. And that’s just the material things in my home.

Do I need to attend every concert and theatre production offered? No. Do I need to say yes to every dinner party invitation that comes down the pike? No. And do I need to read every Facebook post three or four times a day? No, no, and no. New beginnings mean new resolutions, of course. But they can also mean making choices for a deeper, richer, and more meaningful life which embraces time to simplify, relax and enjoy the moments that come and disappear all too quickly.

Gwen Overland