Clearing Out the Clutter


Every year about this time I take inventory of my various drawers and closets and decide what needs to remain and what needs to go. Clothes, shoes, and handbags; pajamas, socks, and underwear; face creams, soaps, and toothbrushes; paper clips, staplers, and scissors—all of it receives its due sentence, either a year-long reprieve or a trip to the recycle bin. I’ve even been known to pack extra books into boxes and haul them up to my local university library, gifting the school with my impromptu shopping extravagances. It’s not an easy process, because I think within me resides a little hoarder princess who wants to keep it all under her control and rule. But that’s another story for a later blog.

Getting rid of the unused or old, only serves to allow one to make room for the new and possibly more functional. The same can be said regarding the scripts we write about whom we are, what in our past has predominated our thinking and behavior, and what we hope and envision for our future selves. However, often these stories can become outdated, no longer effective, and perhaps downright dangerous to our personal psychological and spiritual growth. And when that happens, there seems to be very little room for anything new and revitalizing, anything which resonates on a higher frequency of energy, delight, and possibility.

Old scripts can bog us down and keep us from accessing new adventures, new friends, and new paths on this journey called life. Recently I had a client tell me she could never open the business of her dreams because she has “always been shy, unable to find the courage to step into [her] imagination.”

“And how has that script helped you thus far in your life?” I asked her.

She looked at me rather stunned. “I mean,” I continued, “wonder if that story you tell about yourself wasn’t true, that it was merely a fairy tale or a figment of your imagination. How would knowing that change your energy, your self-confidence, and your happiness?”

To make a long story short, we spent the rest of our session time cleaning out the closet of her heart, mind, and soul from all the clutter that has accumulated over the years, clutter which has been and continues to be a burden to her joyful expression of life. Over the weeks which followed we created together new scripts to empower her toward the life she wanted, and eventually the business she desired. A life of meaning and ultimately joy demands an occasional clearing the clutter, allowing a fresh way of looking at the world to manifest.



Gwen Overland